ATT. The principle Mr Cini.

Dear Mr Cini,

My name is David Dieni and twice I have used your services over the past several years, and twice I was abused by your staff causing great personal distress, particularly by Dr Owen in the second instance when I had been falsely accused by police and had been illegally incarcerated to silence me in regards their inexcusable stupidity and ineptitude that contributed to the MURDER of Rachael Anne Keogh.

Assertions that I had been obsessive to any degree are vile and slanderous in the extreme, their purpose is to discredit an innocent man who had the principles and courage to stand up to the system, a man who rightly was not going to allow this filthy despicable cowardly injustice to stand on top of Miss Keogh having lost her life. What low life scum think they have the right to treat another human being as worthless garbage, and how is my behavior obsessive, would the police chasing down a ten year old murder case on a new lead be considered obsessive? My evidence is water tight, and you know it, but as I have maintained all along, it is the actions of police in hiding their ineptitude and committing crimes that would see me incarcerated for years that made my allegations irrefutable, and they were straight forward logical and rational to begin with.

This is a country of unprincipled cowards and lackeys, and the closer you deal with higher authority, the more cowardly, vile, putrid and disgustingly criminal it becomes, as it must, when war criminals occupy the seats of power, and those that work with them/for them, and whose material interests are tied in with these despicable genocidal maniacs find themselves in a compromised position by those like myself that openly lay blame for Miss Keogh’s death and the many like hers that happen day in day out, as I have subsequently learned, at the feet of war criminals and their lackeys like yourself that serve to provide political cover for the criminality of the state and in doing so are tarred with the same brush.

What you and Dr Owen did to Rachael Anne Keogh and me, was the act of low life degenerate scum and make you complicit in her murder. That you work in the justice system that jails the victims of the system and the mentally ill, for being victims and mentally ill is amoral and beyond my comprehension, especially as you know the consequences this has on individuals.

Forensic psychiatry itself is amoral in the assertion that certain conditions or behavior are conducive to criminal behaviour, this precludes delving into the causes of this “so-called” criminal behaviour that’s roots are to be found within a completely dysfunctional and irrational society that subordinates human life to profit and sees no value in enhancing the quality of human life and effectively is engaged in destroying it, and it’s private property laws that are effectively theft on an unprecedented scale that effectively legalize murder, as no doubt you are aware.

What you did to me was horrendous and inhumane, effectively helping to have me bound and gagged into accepting the unacceptable.

I loved Rachael Anne Keogh, she was the most beautiful, gentle and wonderful human being I have ever met, and everyday I feel the pain of her loss, and I will until my dying day. I am honored to defend her dignity, and there is no price to high to pay in doing so, she deserves all I have to give and she will get nothing less and the scum involved will be exposed for what they are.

As unconscionable despicable soulless lackeys, you are afforded a position of privilege within their law, and litigation…….I am not so foolish, however, that your despicable behaviour should pass without detection will not happen, and this very letter will be distributed as widely as possible on social media as part of a series of such exposes entitled, “Cowards and Lackeys”

With my utter contempt

David J Dieni

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